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  1. Q morphed into the Playboy Channel…it was a pay deal like HBO but for mature audiences….stuff like The Happy Hooker and the Stewardess’

    • According to this 3/5/1982 Oklahoman article, “By the end of the year, …Playboy will produce about half of the Escapade’s programming.”

      “Adult Entertainment Channel” Offered to Cable Viewers

      It mentions the “part Playboy and all playful” slogan seen in the 8/26/82 Escapade ad I found for the next post.

      This 8/3/1981 New York Times article, CABLEVISION’S BRASH MAVERICK, talks about Cablevision’s 1980 creation of Escapade in tandem with Bravo.

      mrburns918 also remembered a “Q” channel, but so far I haven’t had any luck uncovering anything about it.

    • Memories of Analog TV: The 1980s is a 2009 post by a San Diegan.

      Relevant excerpt:

      “Cox launched The Playboy Channel on 22. It replaced the SPN network (Satellite Programming Network) that featured foreign movies with English subtitles, sometimes outraging the viewers whenever the subtitle showed the “F” and “S” words.”

      Could SPN (which was also carried by Tulsa Cable) have featured a foreign movie block called “Q”?


      From Billboard, Dec 19, 1981:

      “The Playboy Channel, whose logo is ‘for the fun of it, is a collaboration among the Rainbow and Escapade Channels.”

      And this from Wikipedia:

      “The company (AMC Networks Inc.) was originally launched in 1980 and formerly known as Rainbow Media Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of Cablevision…

      “Rainbow originally started the Playboy Channel in 1982 as a joint-venture with Playboy; Cablevision would later sell its share back to Playboy.”

      Maybe Cablevision/Rainbow had contributed spicy subtitled foreign films (as a block of programming billed as “Q”?) to air with the Playboy programming on the Escapade channel in 1982, as it morphed into The Playboy Channel by 1983.

      Recall that Escapade began when Cablevision introduced a new cable network in 1980 that consisted of two nights a week of performing arts programs under the name “Bravo” and five nights a week of soft-core sex films under the name “Escapade”.

    • More about “Q” from Stacy Richardson via TTM@Facebook:

      “It was a movie channel — $10/month, I believe — which, within a short time, was replaced in the cable-box channel lineup by HBO. I’m reasoning it was locally originated, because the only national source would have been the embryonic HBO. And I am not sure HBO was even being distributed nationally when Q started.”

    • Stacy Richardson also added on TTM@Facebook re webmaster query:

      “QUBE was a Warner Cable service. But Warner never owned the cable system in Tulsa. ‘QUBE’ and Tulsa Cable’s ‘Q’ were two entirely different things.”

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