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  1. I have used an inexpensive ($20.00 @ Best Buy) RCA indoor antenna for my big screen HP Desktop for about two years. It works really well, especially on the stations that are in the S.E. quadrant. It is recommended that this antenna works best laying flat which was perfect because my desk faces East and also has a raised storage area behind my desk top that is flat and wide enough for the antenna, which is only 8 1/4″ X 9 1/4″.

    Just last week, I had a eureka moment by realizing that I could correct a BIG problem by using this same type antenna plugged into my JVC DVD/VHS recorder/dubber. This unit has its own tuner which handles analog as well as digital, so this allows me to now archive the great offerings from Ch 11 or 11.2 direct to DVD. As you know, regular cable doesn’t carry most stations’ aux. channels.

    I bought another RCA antenna, and as you said before, just a slight movement can really affect the reception. Oddly, this one for TV is now vertical, facing North and hanging behind a painting I have on the wall above my Samsung TV. Since the JVC is HDMI into the TV, I just select the source on my remote and select DVR and either watch or just record. It’s a lot easier than getting live TV set up to watch on my HP all-in-one. I don’t get as many channels on the vertical set-up, but again all the main ones work great. Total cost? $40.00 for 2 antennas.

    • I had a similar revelation myself. I have an antenna attached to a little external TV tuner that plugs into a Windows 7 computer in the theater room. Windows Media Center software turns the PC into a user-friendly TV tuner/DVR.

      But with only one tuner, you can’t watch another show while it’s busy recording. So I put up an identical flat antenna I had on hand right over the first one (they don’t interfere with each other) and connected it directly to the TV, which has its own built-in tuner. Our Logitech Harmony remote switches between TV and PC, and gives you custom buttons for each.

      I had a more recent minor revelation that I haven’t acted on yet. Since the antennas are powered, I can take one of them down, get a splitter, and run the same single antenna into both TV and PC. I got my antennas for $20/each as well on Woot!, a discount and refurbished outlet.

      U-verse seems to be missing all of the subchannels, but Cox TV carries almost all the good ones (COZI, 47.2 broadcast, is missing).

      Cox will be changing their channel arrangement on December 10. SD channels will be on 0-999, HD on 1000-1999. They will also be reorganized by genre (aka tiers). It wouldn’t be surprising to see a change in pricing structure afterwards. I wonder if the analog service on 2-63 will be affected?

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