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  1. 10 was the Family Channel. 12 was Nickelodeon. 36 was C-Span and 37 was Showtime with a descrambler needed outside at the pedestal box. Later there was a channel 41 used as a Sports Tracker channel.

    • Great, thanks Bob! Do you have any idea what channel 7 was in the 80s? According to a March 1989 Tulsa World article, it could not have been KWHB any earlier than then, if then.

      Do the other channels look right to you?

  2. There was a cable tv network called SPN and later Tempo TV originating from Tulsa in the 80s and although it had nationwide coverage it was never carried by the local cable monopoly because there was some friction between the owners. So Tulsans never saw the only network that originated in Tulsa. Around 1990 Tempo TV was sold by local owner Ed Taylor and became CNBC and was moved to NYC, putting over a hundred Tulsans out of work (including me). Another example of locals not supporting locals.

    • I thought the TV psychic, Daze’, was on Tempo here in T-town.

      I remember you mentioning around 1986 a woman named Marie Vega who had a psychic show for Tempo in L.A. While visiting Tulsa, she was annoyed by insects and wondered why Tulsa didn’t project a psychic screen to fend the pests off. Duh. I wonder why we didn’t think of that.

  3. Great memory! Yes, it was Marie Vega and she volunteered to project a psychic bubble over Tulsa to repel insects. We should have taken her up on her offer.

    • TTM@Facebook currently displays 1984 C-SPAN interviews of Mark Savage (Tulsa Cable), Ed Taylor (Southern Satellite Systems, Tempo TV), and Roy Bliss (United Video). Interesting to watch 30 years later.

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