6 comments on “The fruits of cord-cutting: new TVs, TiVo Mini

  1. By adding another Powerline adapter in the kitchen yesterday, I “cut” another cord: the long Ethernet cable connecting the TiVo Mini to the TiVo Roamio in the den. (Powerline, aka HomePlug, sends Ethernet data over your AC house wiring.)

    We have other adapters in the office (plugged into the router, which is connected to the cable modem), the theater room and the den. All those rooms have internet and are connected with each other. A wife-pleasing move, and again I avoid the need for whole-house Ethernet wiring.

    Big thanks to eBay seller yes-embiz. I had ordered two refurbished Netgear XAVB2101 Powerline adapters after the lightning strike. I couldn’t get one of them to work. yes-embiz replaced it promptly.

    {Later note: Powerline didn’t work out for connecting the Mini to the Roamio due to too many errors. Went back to the Ethernet cable.)

  2. Moca adapters work great too. My current home I wired with Cat6 and I use my network for the Tivo Roamio and Mini’s. My dad’s home doesn’t have access to pull new wire, so I went with moca adapters for his OTA Roamio and Mini. I also added an extra moca adapter to the office for his computer. Works great and piggy backs on the in house Coax with the cable internet.

    • Those Roamios are great, aren’t they? I went with the OTA, not knowing if it would take with my wife. If I had known it would, I might have stepped up to a model that included the MoCA connectivity without extra expenditure. But somewhat to my surprise, the Powerline connection is working out well.

      • The Roamios with built in Moca are cable only.

        I bought the Roamio Basic on sale for my mom back in March, when the DTV PalDvr I had given her began acting up. I surprised myself as I really liked the Roamio. In the past I wasn’t a fan of the Tivo UI. I bought a second Roamio Basic for myself and then a Mini. Both of these are OTA only. A few weeks later while talking to my dad, he was having reception problems at his winter condo in Las Vegas, so I decided to get a 3rd Roamio Basic for him, then he could try it with OTA or get a basic cable package with locals only from Cox while he was out there. It ended up OTA didn’t improve and I was surprised Cox offered us Las Vegas locals for $9.99 a month with a free cable card. He and my stepmom fell in love the Roamio and when they got back to Oklahoma, they wanted one for OTA here.

        We’ve spent a lot on Tivos, Mini’s and lifetime service the last 5 months, but they are reallly great devices. I have upgraded the hard drive in one of the Roamios to a 3TB. That was an easy plug n play swap. Now that Plex was added to the Tivo, I went ahead and set up Plex server for my NAS and I now use the Tivo more than my WDTV boxes for local media

        I do wish I had waited a few months as the Tivo summer sale is going on right now and one can get a Roamio OTA w/lifetime or a Refurb Roamio Basic w/lifetime for $299 direct from Tivo. I could have saved a couple of hundred on the first couple of Roamio boxes.

      • Yeah, I love the Plex addition, since I already have a couple of PCs set up as Plex servers. Also like that iHeart Radio has my favorite jazz station, KKJZ (K-JAZZ). Pandora is handy, too.

        I just looked at the WDTV today, but concluded that Plex would work better for me.

        I’m leaving off the hard drive upgrade, since my wife can’t watch all the shows she has recorded now.

        The $15/mo is well worth it to me, because I think she would have been dissatisfied with other DVRs, and then we would be saving no $$ at all!

        Re the summer sale, I guess you have to buy sometime (I did in late January). The OTA had no lifetime deal then. But who knows what deals will be coming in the next year or two?

  3. The kitchen TiVo Mini worked out so well, we got one for the theater room. Used another long ethernet cable to attach it to the Roamio’s gigabit switch, same as the other Mini.

    The Powerline adapter in the kitchen couldn’t reliably carry the full load of video, so I returned to the Ethernet cable.

    The antenna on the roof is now effectively serving 3 rooms! The Mini is a great way to leverage our investments in both the TiVo Roamio OTA and the Mohu Sky 60 antenna.

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