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Williams' Funhouse

Williams’ Funhouse pinball game on the Wii


A lightning strike earlier this year took out the two component inputs to our plasma TV.

As a result, I have had to use the composite TV input (yellow, red & white RCA plugs) with the Wii. But I pine for the higher resolution and picture quality of component in the detailed pinball art of the Gottlieb and Williams Collections for the Wii.

I was getting ready to add a fatalistic comment about the expensive HDMI-to-component converter that bought a few more years for our flat-tube TV:

“At least when the TV blows up, I can reuse the converter with the Wii to connect it to an HDMI input.”

Then I realized that the Wii would be going from component to HDMI, not vice-versa. Would it work the other way? Unlikely.

I was right, it wouldn’t work (looked it up). But it turns out that a component-to-HDMI converter costs a whole lot less.

Wiimcomponent-to-HDMI converter.

Wii component-to-HDMI converter

Found a specialized Wii to HDMI Video Audio Converter 720P 1080P HD Output Converter at Amazon for $13.72, less than a tenth of HDMI-to-component!

The original Wii is at best capable of 480p resolution (same as non-Blu-ray DVDs), and that’s only with a special Wii component video/audio cable, like I used to use.

But the new converter can upscale to 720p or 1080p, so possibly it will look better than it did before.

I’ll let you know how it works out in the comments section when I get it. (It shipped from Hong Kong, so it might be a week or two.)

Currently free to view for Amazon Prime users: “Special When Lit – A Pinball Documentary”. I really enjoyed it. Next time I’m in Vegas, I’m heading for the Pinball Hall of Fame, shown in the movie.

Read about other related movies and items at Pinball, Real & Virtual in the TTM aStore.

Atari 800 XL simulation on hacked Wii. Controller eembedded in flight yoke, wireless keyboard as control console.

Atari 800 emulator on my hacked Wii. The new BIC America F-12 subwoofer is on the floor. Final subspace radio message: “Star Fleet to Star Cruiser 7: Mission Complete. New rank is: Pilot Class 1. Congratulations”.

In a previous post, Sci-fi Saturday fun in the theater room, I showed our home theater setting for viewing MeTV’s “Sci-fi Saturday”.

But who doesn’t want to get in on the sci-fi action him/herself?

Star Raiders is a 1979 game cartridge for the Atari 400/800 home computer. Gameplay combines elements of Star Trek, Star Wars, and even Battlestar Galactica.

Very well-done simulation, even more impressive when you consider that the machine code took up less than 8K bytes. Subsequent higher-tech updates to the game were not as playable.

I discussed some of the details of how to get access to The Homebrew Channel on the Wii in last year’s post, Raspberry Pi computer leads to Atari on Wii, but I thought I would show it in this post, having just acquired a much better keyboard for the purpose, the Logitech Wireless Combo MK270.

This keyboard comes with a tiny USB dongle, described as “advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection with 10-meter range”, more than adequate for my purpose. The dongle inserts into the powered USB hub I attached to the Wii. It was recognized immediately on bootup.

I found a free digital copy of the Star Raiders cartridge online, and FTP’d the file over to a folder on the Wii, with the help of a Homebrew channel, WiiXplorer. Then I plugged the cartridge in (virtually), within the WiiXL emulator, another Homebrew channel.

Of course, if you still have an Atari 400 or 800 and the Star Raiders cartridge, just plug into VIDEO1 and go!

WiiXL simulator, from the Homebrew Channel

WiiXL emulator channel from The Homebrew Channel. Other HB channels: WiiXplorer (file handling, FTP server), USB Loader GX (run games ripped from discs to external hard drive), Wii Earth, Wii Media Center

WiiXL simulator splash screen

WiiXL emulator splash screen

The familiar Atari initial screen

The familiar Atari initialization screen. Select, Start and Reset are F3, F4, and F5 on the new keyboard.

Set course to starbase or enemy-occupied sectors

Set course for a starbase to effect post-battle repairs, or for an enemy-occupied sector

Steering In hyperdrive

Steering In hyperdrive, shields up.

Direct hit, but a Zylon basestar lurks to the lower left of the crosshairs. Sounds good on the subwoofer.

Direct hit, but a Zylon basestar lurks to the lower left. The explosion sounds good on the subwoofer.

A 1979 game in a 2015 home theater. Still fun!