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While conversing with Sir Paul’s cousin the other day at KWGS, the topic of cheap cell phone plans came up.

I modestly mentioned my Tracfone deal that comes in at just under $7/month. But he topped me.

T-Mobile has a “Pay as you go” plan that costs $3/month. To even consider this plan, you should be highly reserved both of speech and text.

You get 30 minutes/month. Should you need extra time, you can buy a $10 refill card (good for 3 months) and use that credit at the rate of $0.10/min for calls or $0.10/text.

You may bring your own phone as long as it is unlocked, GSM-capable, and with a SIM card slot.

(Most if not all Tracfone-purchased phones, like mine, are locked to that carrier with no way to jailbreak them, due to custom firmware. TracFone may unlock the phone for you if it meets the somewhat stringent criteria on this page: Tracfone Wireless, Inc. Unlocking Policy.)

I also found a highly similar “Pay as you go” plan with PagePlus Cellular. Walgreen’s is one place to buy in Tulsa.

When my Tracfone time approaches expiration at the end of this year, I will look into the two deals a bit more.

Prisoner MainPicture

Starring Patrick McGoohan

This is the day Scotland elected to remain in the UK.

While doing my volunteer job at the Hardesty Library, I came across 4 DVDs of the British spy-fi series,The Prisoner (1967), starring series creator, Patrick McGoohan, and checked them out. I’ve been looking for them.

McGoohan was born in the US, but soon thereafter, his family returned to their home in the Border Region of Ireland. Seven years after that, they moved to Sheffield, England.

I have corresponded online in the last year with a British helicopter pilot who did some of the second unit work on The Prisoner. He also worked on the 007 film, You Only Live Twice, specifically, landing inside the fake volcanic cone that served as the villain’s HQ, which he said was pretty hairy. (He had been something of a real-life 007 himself, serving On Her Majesty’s Royal Navy in the Special Boat Service, the special forces unit.)

My other volunteer job today was stuffing envelopes for KWGS’ upcoming pledge drive. I understand the concept of a quilting bee now. Keep your hands busy with a task, and conversation flows freely. A very “radio” mode of communication.

Left-handedness was one topic touched upon. My brother Alan is a left-handed bassist. I realized I had something in common with one of the other regular volunteers. He also has a close relative, a cousin, who is a left-handed bassist.

The volunteer’s last name is McCartney, and he is from Liverpool.

Small world.

Be seeing you.