3 comments on “Saturday spousal TV viewing without cable

  1. perhaps by the time I finally get around to watching normal TV again, your Interociter method here will become the status quo and I will have a leg up when the Atavachron is affordable

    • Heathkit is putting out an Interocitor/Atavachron combo with only 4972 components. Great for the home theater hobbyist!

  2. Question posted by a reader on TTM@FB:

    “How do you like Amazon Prime? My husband got it, but everything seems to be pay-per-view. Are we missing something?”

    My response:

    The Prime shows are a subset of Amazon’s full catalog, but there are some good things on Prime. I think the best way is to add shows from your computer rather than from a Roku box for example.

    I was offered a discounted student Amazon Prime membership when I was in a program at TCC 6 years ago. I liked it for the 2-day shipping, but didn’t find it added much beyond what Netflix streaming had.

    Since then, the price has gone up, but Amazon Prime’s video offerings have also improved. Some of the shows on our queue: Downton Abbey, Family Tree, Workaholics, Star Trek Next Gen, Superman and Batman animated series.

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