One comment on “Post-lightning strike: Wii to HDMI converter

  1. The Wii-to-HDMI Video/Audio Converter arrived, and it works.

    I rate the Wii’s video almost as good as it was with the Wii component cable. The color is solid again. Certainly this is a large improvement over what I had been reduced to using (composite: the yellow, red, and white cables).

    No lag in response time whatever. This I am sure of, because I set a personal best on the pinball game “Taxi” on my first go. That was a surprise, considering how many times I’ve played it.

    FYI, there is no pinhole button to select between 720p to 1080p resolution on my device, as mentioned in some reviews. The converter senses the resolution of your monitor and outputs accordingly. There is also no light in or on the converter.

    For some reason, a few of the game sounds issue from the remote itself now instead of the sound system. There is an output phone jack on the converter, which I may try out. But this is no big deal, most of the sounds still come from the main speakers.

    Do I see a tiny bit more jag and moiré patterns in the intricate pinball graphics? It’s hard to be sure, since both were there to a degree before. Our TV is a 65″ model, much larger than the Wii was intended for, so any flaws are magnified.

    Maybe my expectations were up that the converter might be an actual improvement. It definitely isn’t, but the video quality is close enough to what it was before to make the $13 well-spent.

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