4 comments on “Ooma internet phone moves from office to Tiki room

  1. Oddly enough, our kitchen pantry has a phone jack, probably left over from the days when home alarm systems dialed out to the security company. I have the 1985 red Trimline phone from my old condo hung up in there. This old-school phone has no power supply, but pulls a tiny bit of power from the phone line itself. That could be handy in an emergency.

    Why does the phone still work when the electricity goes out?

  2. Here are the current monthly fees for our zip code (74133) with Ooma:

    $1.98 – Regulatory Compliance Fee

    Ooma uses this fee to recover certain of Ooma’s costs associated with compliance with regulatory, legal and tax requirements including: (1) fees Ooma is required to pay to support the TRS fund, which supports facilities and services used to provide telecommunications services for individuals with hearing or speech disabilities; (2) the portion of the annual regulatory fees assessed on Ooma by the Federal Communications Commission that Ooma does not recover through Ooma’s Federal Universal Service Charge and Regulatory Fees (described below); (3) costs Ooma incurs administering, billing, collecting and making required tax and regulatory filings and complying with certain federal regulatory obligations; (4) regulatory surcharges Ooma pays to the providers of telecommunications that Ooma uses to provide its services.

    $1.79 – 911 Service Fee

    Ooma uses this fee to recover its costs of providing 911 service for Ooma customers as required by Federal Communications Commission regulations.

    $0.42 – Federal Universal Service Charge and Regulatory Fees

    Total: $4.19/month

  3. Good info. Dropped my landline last month when I moved into new house. I only had it for the alarm monitoring and my fax, as I work from home. Ended up going with cellular service on the alarm and RingCentral efax service for my company fax at the new house.

    • Thanks, JJ. A landline really is unnecessary for people like you or my wife who carry a smartphone at all times. Since I use mine as a wifi-only mini-tablet, I don’t always have it on me, and can benefit from internet phone (aka Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP) as a landline substitute. As you note, there are others ways to deal with faxing than a dedicated fax machine, but I didn’t realize you could use cellular for an alarm system.

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