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  1. This post has been very helpful to me, at least. I have had to restore the USB drive/SD card-based Pi operating system a few times, and used this write-up to get back the context button on my Harmony remote.

  2. I upgraded from Raspbmc to OSMC a couple of days ago. As expected, the context button needed to be added again.

    Tried the above procedure, and it didn’t work.

    But I found a much easier way to assign a button to the ContextMenu function: an OSMC Program add-on called Keymap Editor.

    Install Keymap Editor from the repository under Settings/Add-ons.

    Start it, select Edit, then Global, then Navigation. This gets you to a screen called “Select the action to assign a key”.

    Scroll down to “Context Menu-” and enter.

    You will be given a 5-second chance to aim the cheapo remote at the Pi with dongle attached and push its yellow key. OSMC then learns the key as its Context Menu.

    You will now see “Context Menu-389188” (or some other number, depending on which key you assign).

    Back out of the menus and save the change.

    When I looked in the userdata area (/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps), I saw a new file named “gen.xml” with only this data in it:

    [keymap][global][keyboard][key id=”389188″]contextmenu[/key][/keyboard][/global][/keymap]

    (I had to replace the pointy brackets with “[]” throughout the above line so it would show up in this blog.)

    Since the Harmony remote already has a Context Menu button set up to send the yellow key code per the original post, I am again able to bring up the context menu with further changes needed.

    That’s so much simpler than before!

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