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  1. If you create duplicates of the activities assigned to the buttons with slightly different names, the duplicates will appear earlier in the activities list without sacrificing the hardware button functionality of the original activities. Activities without buttons appear at the head of the list in the order in which they were created.

  2. How did you program the sleep timer button for each activity. I can’t find it in the 650 documentation?

    • Hi, Morey, you may have noticed the “Menu Setup” and “Add Sleep Time” soft buttons I created on the Harmony 890 for that old TV in the previous Eliminate a cable box post.

      The buttons we use to set the sleep timer on our TV’s physical remote are called “Menu Setup” and “+”. Once I added our specific RCA TV as a Device on the 650, the equivalent commands MenuSetup and UserPlus were available to assign to any Activity. I assigned them as Screen buttons to our “TV” Activity. Since “UserPlus” is not very descriptive for our purpose, I used the label “Add Sleep Time” for it in the Screen Options for our TV Activity.

      I added the same buttons to our other Activities, too, since they all use the same TV. Hope that helps! Thanks for writing.

      (PS, the old physical remote was about shot, so I was glad to get those functions over to a newer remote. God forbid we should buy a new TV for the bedroom!)

      • Hmmm, I tried it again and it worked for me. Maybe refresh your browser?

  3. The Logitech Harmony 650 is great, but since we cut cable and got a new LED TV in the bedroom (eliminating the digital converter box), this remote is unnecessary. I’ll think of something else to do with it!

  4. New use for this remote: for my wife in the theater room to use with the new TiVo Mini. Appropriately, the first show it gets used on is “Big Brother”; the HoH room has the same model 650 remote for the houseguests.

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