One comment on “It’s cheap cell phone renewal time again

  1. Anyone have recent updates re: better alternatives to T-mobile for cell service in the 74128 area code? I have been a loyal customer for years because their customer service (by PHONE, anyway) was better than Cricket or Boost Mobile, but that was SEVERAL years ago. Currently paying about $240 all told, for 3 cell lines with T-mobile, Dish Network that only extends through half the house (2 TV’s), and a land line & cable through Cox, Sigh. They all want a year or two year contract, in which I’ll be paying off the “equipment and installation” fees, and what’s most irritating is that THEN the prices go up, sometimes more than double the original amount, and the “packages” change, and your equipment either becomes outdated & doesn’t work right, or you’ve got to return the equipment SOMEHOW, which involves even more time, or $, if you DON’t return it on time… such a hassle & expense!

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