2 comments on “I made a tinfoil hat for my Roku 3, but it didn’t work

  1. Ha! We’re on the verge of doing this, since constant, high-powered wifi 4 feet away from where we sit gives my wife migraines.

    Why you would ship electronic devices without an OFF button baffles me. (We’re on wired connection, so what the heck are those constant 5 gigahertz doing?)

    We’re not using tinfoil, if I remember my college classes right, you have to use wire mesh that has the same spacing as the wavelength of the signal.

    Keep at it, and let us know if you return your Roku!

  2. I just read the novel “Robopocalypse” by Tulsa-born author, Daniel H. Wilson. In it, an inadequate Faraday cage allowed a malevolent AI to escape the lab and decimate the human race. That scientist should have watched his wavelengths, too. 😉

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