11 comments on “Escape: new channel at 23.3

  1. I was getting excellent reception on my tv channel 23.3, WLTVDT. All of the sudden, reception is still great but volume is lost for this station. Can you please explain if your station is having trouble in the Miami area and if so, can this be repaired so that sounds return to this channel? Thank you.

  2. If possible could you all turn on the closed caption if there is any. I love watching Escape and I am hard of hearing . I would appreciate seeing what is going on by reading as it goes.

    • This site isn’t associated with the Escape channel, but I turned on closed captioning today, and didn’t see any.

  3. I’m not really a fan of ESCAPE. The one diginet I rarely watch.

    I do like the classic Doctor Who episodes on RTV and a few other things. Now RTV is going away on 8.3. Sinclair Broadcast group signed a new deal with AntennaTV and AntennaTV will be replacing RTV on 8.3 January 1, 2016.


  4. For me, AntennaTV has more shows that I want to watch, especially Johnny Carson. Better quality of sitcoms in general.

    RTV took forever to get their program data straightened out for MST3K., That’s about all I seem to watch on it these days. Sorry for Dr. Who fans to lose a good source.

    Yes, ESCAPE seems heavy on women under stress and in trauma.

  5. How do I find the title of a movie I saw today around 2:30 or 3:00 before the movie the baby sitter 3/26/16

  6. Escape channel has disappered from ny tv. The channel number was 68.4 New York. I’ve tried to do a channel search but the number 68.4 has gone from my tv. There is 63.9 and jump streight to 2.1. Please help.

  7. Hey Mike,
    I been an electrical contractor for 22 years now and I constantly get calls from folks who need to transfer their electricity to another address or have it turned on or off. We kindly tell them we are not the electric utility and to call AEP/PSO.
    Looks like you’re getting the same from readers who think you’re the TV station or broadcaster!
    Good luck with that!

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