4 comments on “Cord-cutting: What DIDN’T work for us

  1. Regarding your comment in number 3 about Tivo not recording in a format that can convert to mp4.

    Have you tried pytivo or kmttg?




    I use pytivo on the computer to pull videos from the Tivo and remove the .Tivo file wrapper. Inside the .Tivo wrapper is a standard .mpg file. Pytivo will remove the .tivo wrapper and leave you with a nice .mpg, I then use VideoReDo to remove any commercials and then Vidcoder (free) to convert the .mpg to mp4. VideoReDo can also work with .tivo files and also do the mp4 conversion, I was already using Vidcoder and just haven’t changed my methods.

    I also use pytivo to send my personal mp4 and mkv files to the Tivo hardrive to watch stuff, this was before Plex on the Tivo arrived. Now I put most of it in a Plex folder, but there are still some things that I don’t have in my Plex folders, mainly UK and Australian tv.

    • Created a couple of new presets on Handbrake for KTUL (720p) and MeTV (480i). The results are excellent for converting the .TiVo/.mpg files to .mp4. So I have pulled off all the shows we want to save for Plex, and can delete them on TiVo now.

  2. Those easterly trees between us and Coweta have grown over the last two years. As a result, we have seen more pixellation on KOTV/CBS Channel 6 (actual channel: UHF 45).

    I found that the Mohu Curve 50 antenna sitting on the den TV improves KOTV reception, though still not so much for COZI (Channel 47).

    This alternate antenna is attached to the TiVo via remote-controlled A|B switch. When I flip it over to the B side, Channel 6 signal strength is consistently boosted from 60 to 67, as measured on the TiVo (same as Channel 2).

    Why the difference between Channels 45 and 47, very near the same frequency? I can’t explain it. Just goes to show once again that you have to experiment.

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