One comment on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Crackle

  1. Crackle’s latest user interface for the Roku 3 (and presumably the new Roku 4) is horrid. It plays one of their current movies at full volume behind the menu, that is, if you succeed in figuring out how to bring it up.

    Try selecting a show from the menu; you will be lucky if you get anything to happen besides a repeated viewing of the same commercial.

    Amazing that this dog of an update escaped the Crackle kennel. Were they all playing Candy Crush Saga at that demo meeting? This has been going on for about 9 months, I see from online comments.

    Crackle seems to work fine on older Rokus, such as the LT, the XDS, and the N1000. Those user interfaces will probably not be updated, since the new one requires the greater processing power of the newer Roku models.

    Fortunately, the designers haven’t turned their attention to the Chromecast interface; it still works.

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