3 comments on ““Certain Prophecies” of future cord-cutting posts

  1. Wow…that movie, Certain Prophecies is one I have not seen for decades…they used to play it on a show called Curiosity Shoppe (a British kids show that used to play here on Saturdays)…muchos thankos

    • I have wanted to see it for years, but it just isn’t on the internet, not even on Bittorrent. Glad someone has seen it. The craft kind of resembles the Robinson family’s Jupiter 2.

  2. You are correct…I have looked everyplace trying to find this on the net to no avail. If I ever locate it, I will send a link…Curiosity Shop was an ABC show so I was mistaken about it being British…got it confused with the UK show ‘The Double Deckers’…a bunch of kids living in a bus

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