A high-tech billionaire bought land on the outskirts of town and built a campus for his burgeoning startup.

He preserved the existing drive-in theater, and whimsically architected buildings around it in the likeness of consumer electronic devices.

His highly caffeinated workers were to unwind with classic movies after intense bouts of ping-pong, video games, and coding.

The theater would also be made available to the townspeople (at a low ticket price), to give back to the community, and for authentic local color.

On a Tuesday evening, some yayhoos get an early start: in, on, and around a beat-up ’57 Ford Styleside pickup.

Yay for 6-point beer.

Second arrival: a C++ programmer in his immaculately restored ’85 Dodge Daytona. He positions for the optimal view of the screen.

Sweet ride.

But now coming through the gate: that show-offy VP of something or other with the prime parking slot he’s so proud of.  A real TPS report kind of guy.

Can you believe this jerk paid someone to build him an actual-size replica of Speed Racer’s 2000 “Snake Oiler” car?


Of course he takes up two parking places, positioning for the best view of him and his car

Hey, look at me!

Loud hee-hawing. The denizens of the pickup feeling no pain: their “ailments” now being treated with medical marijuana.

Still time to visit the snack bar.


“Speed Racer” played the same ones at the last big-wig company meeting, and made out like they taught some stupid lesson involving cat-herding.

Didn’t go viral for sure.

Finally, the movie has started, but the Daytona drives out in disgust.

“I want you to transmit Plan R, R for Robert, to the wing.”

Proved to be a poor turnout that evening.

“It’s not fair to condemn the whole program because of one slip-up.”

The Speed Racer exec decides it isn’t worth hanging around to impress the local malletheads.

See ya.

The movie eventually ends with a bang, but the pickup party takes little notice.

Slim Pickens rides the bomb down.



Come morning…

Is anybody sober enough to get us over to the Waffle House??

The End.

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The other side of the diorama.

Starring in this presentation:

The Mohu Curve 50 Indoor Amplified TV Antenna
The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0″ 8GB Wi-Fi (Certified Refurbished) Tablet
and Tootsietoy, Hot Wheels, and Johnny Lightning cars that happened to be on hand.


X10 Audio/Video Sender
Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Special Guest Appearance: Albert


Albert relaxes at a workstation.

No cord-cutting in this post.

I was messing around on our office computer, when who should appear in front of my screen but Albert, our neighbor’s friendly cat. He apparently got cabin fever on this snowy day and felt like visiting a different cabin (ours). I brought up his favorite tag on this site.

As you may recall, Albert (a “tuxedo” cat) was named after Al’s Formal Wear in Tulsa. Here is a photo of “Weird Al” posing at that establishment last year.

Someday we’ll have to get Albert a top hat, cane, and monocle to complete his ensemble.

Us 3 weeks ago in Cozumel, Mexico. This morning in Tulsa, it is 8º F.

With no home theater available, I read ebooks during our cruise. Checked them out from the Tulsa library (where I volunteer 2 hours/week) and loaded them to both my rooted wifi-only smartphone and my 1st generation Nook reader. I read from the Nook during the day, the phone at night. While reading on one device, the other was charging. I also set up Gaye’s Galaxy Note II “phablet” and Nexus 7 tablet with books and magazines from the library. Saves a lot of weight in your suitcases.

My vacation reading list (I keep a virtual bookshelf on LibraryThing):

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (2006)
Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink (2011)
A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher) by Lee Child (2013)
Johnny Carson by Henry Bushkin (2013)
Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet by John Bradshaw (2014)
Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen (2007)
Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen (2001)
Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson (2012)

We also worked out every day, went on excursions like the above snorkeling trip, and a jeep tour of Cozumel (Gaye drove stick shift), relaxed on the beach and ship with tropical beverages.

I’m stuck indoors today with single-digit temperatures outside, reading the first Jack Reacher novel, Killing Floor, listening to Tiki music on Pandora, and drinking coffee.

Take me back to Cozumel, it’s freezing here!