4 comments on “Bounce & Laff: 2 new Tulsa OTA channels

    • Thanks, JJ, sure enough there it is! H&I sounds targeted at a male audience. based on this description from the website:

      “H&I is your destination for television’s heroic characters and iconic stars. Drawing from timeless classics as well as more contemporary favorites, H&I has something for everybody: From Western lovers to war buffs and fans of police drama, this network pumps out non-stop adventure and thrills. Heroes are unstoppable, icons are unforgettable—and all eyes are on H&I!”

      Series featured include: Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, Combat!, The Saint, Have Gun, Will Travel, Cheyenne, The Wild Wild West, Wagon Train, Cimarron Strip, Broken Arrow, The Rebel, Branded, The Guns of Will Sonnett.

      Those of a certain age will recall the grade school version of the Branded lyrics: “What do you do when you’re stranded and you can’t find a roll?”

      Bizarrely, I remember making random crank calls, trying to convince the callees that I was Walter Brennan (star of The Guns of Will Sonnett). Some played along.

      I just created an icon to use with my Logitech Harmony 690 and Windows Media Center/Raspberry Pi, and added the channel:

      Heroes & Icons

  1. Just an update Heroes and Icons is now on the air with shows on 41.4. You will have to look at the network website for listings as there is no guide info yet on TiVo.

    It took several weeks for listings for Laff on 2.3 to show up in the national databases, so guessing the same for HNI.

    • Thanks, JJ, I found Hill Street Blues on Heroes & Icons last night. Looking forward to those old Westerns.

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