2 comments on ““Bora Bora” (1968) soundtrack and movie

  1. Thanks for your post. I am a keen fan of Exotica and all things Baxter, Denny, Lyman etc and I discovered this movie via the Baxter soundtrack which I bought on vinyl. Imagine my confusion when I found the CD with TWO soundtracks. I didn’t realize that the Baxter soundtrack replaced that of Piccioni. Even though a fan of Baxter, I listen to Piccioni more often and have since discovered that he was a prolific and eminent composer of soundtracks.

    I have been trying to find a copy of the movie for the last four years and have just found two versions on Youtube recently posted. More confusion-one version is 90 min, complete with end credits, the other is 125 min incomplete with no end credits. The mystery rolls on.

    BTW you might be interested in this take on Exotica: http://www.ajleonard.com/pacifica

    • Nice to hear from a pro ukelele player, and even nicer to listen to your music. I know we have at least a couple or three uke aficionados out there. I have my dad’s old cheap uke, but the tuners aren’t so good. May be time soon to get a quality one to play.

      The Hulu version of the movie was almost 90 minutes. I wonder what is in the extra 35 minutes? 🙂

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