One comment on “Add Windows Media Center to Win 10!

  1. When I said “I tried and failed with a Dell Latitude E6420 owned by one of our nephews,” that proved to be a vast understatement.

    The first upgrade attempt failed, and rolled back normally to Windows 7. Next, I tried the option to keep your files, but not apps or settings. It appeared to work, but the wifi didn’t work. So I rolled back again, and it appeared fine.

    But later on, my nephew called to say there was a problem. Boy, was there! Blue Screens of Death at every turn. I got it up long enough to save all his data.

    I wound up starting from scratch to rebuild everything, despite having none of the original media. I ultimately got Windows 7, a special pre-load RAID driver, all the Win 7 drivers, and online updates onto the PC.

    But it acted like it had a hardware problem, in that it tended to crash after having been on for hours, whether up on Windows 7 or just setting up to load Windows. It was returned to the secondhand PC shop where he got it.

    With the OEM Dell disk, Bill was able to restore the PC to stable working order. (The problem may have been from using the default RAID setting; he said this model is particularly finicky. Maybe that was a reason Dell didn’t approve it for upgrade to Win 10.)

    What an odyssey! I had never done any of that before. Certainly learned a lot on more than one level.

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