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1969 Sony ST-80F AM/FM stereo tuner with 1977 Kenwood KA 3500 amp and Select-A-Tenna on top.

Here is a nice way to spend a Memorial Day afternoon:

KGGF-AM 690 is still a very old-fashioned radio station out of Coffeyville, Kansas. No online presence.

Tulsa is within its coverage area, but inside the house, I need a little help pulling it in.

The Select-A-Tenna 541-M has a 3.5 mm phone jack so I can connect it directly to the tuner. (It is capable of working without connection by induction, but this isn’t physically convenient in my setup.) It is a now-discontinued item from C. Crane Radio.

I simply tune to 690 on the tuner, then fine tune on the Select-A-Tenna.

KGGF carries Kansas City Royals baseball games, which is what I am now listening to.

Monday-Friday at 8:35-11 am, OpenLine (“the 4-state regions’ most popular and enduring radio program”) features news and sports plus a call-in show for people to sell stuff. This will really take you back. You could imagine Herb Jepko and the Nightcaps coming on later in the evening.

Feels like the 1960s!

During the cord-cutting Q&A last week, the Tablo DVR device was mentioned.

Having gone with TiVo, I can’t speak from personal experience about it.

But it sounds like it could be a viable solution for OTA DVRing.

I made this comment about it:

“Yet another TiVo alternative, with 4 tuners! There is a $5 monthly charge for program guide data, but it is optional. Good low-cost choice if streaming content to other devices is important to you.”

The first and longest comment about it in the TTM Amazon aStore is a good and practical review of the product, and it was updated over a period of three years. The other two comments are useful, too:

Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder for Over-The-Air HDTV with Wi-Fi for Live TV Streaming