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Just got an email from the Tulsa City-County Library (where I volunteer):

Hoopla is a great new service available to Tulsa City-County Library cardholders that allows you to instantly borrow free digital movies [and some TV], music, eBooks [and eComics], and eAudio 24/7 with your library card.”

Sign up, look over their offerings, check out 3 items per month.

No need to return them when finished, they are automatically returned when the lending period is over.

On the first of each month, you get 3 more borrows.

lesliewestinfiltratorsMy initial movie choice is “The Infiltrator” (2016) starring Bryan Cranston (72 hour lend).

My first music choice is Leslie West’s “Unusual Suspects” (2011) with guests Joe Bonamassa, Billy Gibbons, Slash, and more (one week lend).

First comic/graphic novel: VARGR (3 week lend).

You can watch, listen, or read on your mobile device or browser.

The free Hoopla Android app (or iOS app) lets you Chromecast movies to your TV, making it a great Netflix/Amazon Prime substitute or supplement.

You can download music to your device for offline listening, but the app always plays music on your device, even if you try to Chromecast it. So to put the music onto your TV/sound system, ‘cast it from a Chrome browser on your PC. Or plug your device into your sound system.

Take advantage of all your tax-paid resources to improve your cord-cutting experience.

007 graphic novel: VARGR (2015) by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters

Geekish postscript:

I was Chromecasting this Leslie West album from the laptop I am typing this on. But there were interruptions in the music occasionally when I did something CPU-intensive, this being a relatively weak Pentium dual-core.

So on the quad-core PC in our office, I opened up Hoopla on a Chrome tab and started Chromecasting from there. This I did remotely from the laptop via a TightVNC viewer. I can do so from my phone as well.

But probably the best and easiest way I can play Hoopla music in our media room is to bring it up on the Chromium browser on my new Raspberry Pi 3, running PIXEL. I just discovered that it is the best way to play free Amazon Prime music as well.