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Background: Clark Gibson TCC Jazz Festival 3/25/2016

Background art: Program for Clark Gibson’s appearance at the TCC Jazz Festival, 3/25/2016

I’d been hearing tunes from this CD, “Bird with Strings: The Lost Arrangements” by Clark Gibson + Orchestra, for months on “All This Jazz” (KWGS 89.5, 9 pm-midnight Saturdays).

The host, Scott Gregory, announced a few weeks ago that Clark would be playing a concert at TCC Southeast campus.

Great job by Clark, director Reid Bennett, and the TCC Orchestra and Band. Clark is such a nuanced, unbounded player. I bet Charlie Parker (the “Bird” of the CD title, one of the progenitors of bebop music in the 1940s) would have loved it, too.

Of course I bought the CD. (Onstage, he mentioned it has been in the top 50 nationwide.)

These days, I regard the physical CD as a backup copy with liner notes, and a souvenir when autographed, like this one. Seems like way too much work to actually put in CDs(!)

Windows Media Player automatically ripped it into mp3 tracks (320 kbps for maximum quality).  In my setup, it is then added to Plex when you update the media library.

Above is a screenshot of our theater room TV. The album art was retrieved by Plex automatically. But there was no background art in the database. Luckily, I had the concert program.

I scanned it, but it was in vertical rather than horizontal format, as needed for a Plex background. I used free image software IrfanView to halve the vertical dimension, and allow the image to be compressed (unchecked the “Preserve aspect ratio” box when resizing).

You can see the result after I added this image as the background. A nice reminder of the show every time I play the album.

(L & R images link to the pictured TTM pages, Middle is the Roku app on my smartphone.)

Here’s yet another post related to both sides of this website (vintage local TV and cord-cutting).

The middle image is a screenshot from the Roku app on my wifi smartphone. All of our Roku channels are shown as a channel changer. Touch one of the channels and your Roku will present it.

The 1st and 3rd images are from the Tulsa TV Memories site, created late 1998 on Geocities(!) I used to present site subjects as “channels” until it got too unwieldy.

The “buttons” on all these changers are in the 4:3 aspect ratio, same as TVs had before 16:9 widescreen became the standard.


(Click for larger view)

Here is an image of a “Java toy” changer I created for TTM on 10/25/1999. When displayed on the original page, the buttons move, audibly click, and take you to the relevant page.

Browsers tend not to use Java these days.

To make this work, you would have to download the Java add-on for your browser (Chrome doesn’t even have one.) Then you would need to add this page ( to the Exception Site List in the Java Control Panel.

It’s not really worth the trouble except as something to do.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that the design ideas were the same.

Screenshot of our 65" TV playing "Sonik Re-Entry" via the PleXBMC addon in OSMC/Kodi

Screenshot from our 65″ TV while playing “Sonik Re-Entry” on my $35 Raspberry Pi media computer.

This is a post where both sides of this website (vintage local TV and cord-cutting) converge.

Drive-in theatre maven Wesley Horton recently found an ad in the Nov. 10, 1967 Stillwater News Press for the Channel 2 Saturday night sci-fi/horror movie program, “Fantastic Theatre“, and sent me a copy. I finally got to see again the logo created by the Channel 2 artist!

1967 ad

1967 ad. Click to enlarge.

In early 1999, I had identified the show’s creepy electronic theme as “Sonik Re-Entry” by sending a .wav file of me trying to “sing” the instrumental melody to a couple of experts on early electronic music.

Once identified, I ordered a two-fer CD with the album it was taken from, “Song of the Second Moon” by Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan, plus Russ Garcia’s “Fantastica”. I later discovered that Channel 8’s “Plenty Scary Movie” promo used music from this bonus album, so it was a great deal.

A few days ago, I ripped the CD into .mp3 files using Windows Media Player. I have it set up to automatically do this when I insert a music CD into my PC.

I wanted the album to appear in Plex (What is Plex?) correctly so I could play it on Roku boxes, my Raspberry Pi/OSMC/Kodi media computer, or download it to smartphone for listening at the gym.

Usually, that happens with no further intervention needed. This time it didn’t.

On my phone

Smartphone. Click to enlarge.

This particular CD (issued in 1998 by Fantazmos Records in Frisco) was not recognized by WMP’s music database, so I had to name the .mp3 tracks, and manually add ID3 metadata tags to them. This I accomplished with freeware, Mp3tag. I had previously learned by trial-and-error plus Google which tags were important for the Plex server software on my PC to index the tracks properly.

In addition, I had to move the tracks from the two albums into separate folders, using Plex’ naming and organizing conventions on my PC.

Plex lets you add album art, a background, and the performers’ photo. I used part of Wesley’s ad for the background, and found the cover art online easily enough.

The screenshot at top shows you how it appears on our big TV. At right is a view on my wifi-only smartphone, showing the Dutch composers/performers.

Listen to samples of “Sonik Re-Entry” on the TTM “Fantastic Theatre” page. One features a voiceover by the original host, Josef Peter Hardt, created especially for David Bagsby’s “The Tulsa Project” CD!